Graphite Petrolatum

This compound has been used as an anti-seize compound on aircraft engine spark plugs and threaded fasteners and fittings, but usage is not limited to such applications. This compound may be used safely in contact with austenitic corrosion-resistant steels, titanium, nickel, and cobalt alloys, and similar corrosion-resistant metals and alloys. This compound contains graphite which may promote corrosion of aluminum, magnesium, ferrous, zinc, and cadmium alloys or plated coatings and should not be used with such metals.

Meets Specification: SAE-AMS-2518

Formerly: MIL-T-5544

NSN: 8030-01-044-5034

Graphite Based Anti-Seize Compound

• Water Resistant

• Lead Free

• Lowers friction

• Reduce wrench torque

• Saves stud, bolts & nuts replacement  


• Valve Stems  

• Fasteners

• Wheel Lugs

• Spark Plugs

Our graphite anti-seize meets or exceeds current specification Society of Automotive Engineers, SAE-AMS-2518 and U.S. Military specifications: MIL-T-5544.


NLGI Grade: 2-4 approx.

Color: Dark Gray

Physical State: Paste

Penetration @ 77°F: 183 typical

Specific Gravity: 1.25

Additive Type: Graphite

Flash Point: 480°F (249°C)

Auto Ignition Point: >500°F (260°C)

Boiling Point: <600°F (316°C)

Danger: This compound is an electrical conductor. Apply light coating to lower spark plug threads only. The compound must NOT come in contact with spark plug terminals or electrodes.

Do Not use in oxygen system - explosion may occur.

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